Here are some of the most common questions we recieve.
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How do our products attach to your vehicles?

Our products will attach to your vehicle with an automotive approved adhesive. This adhesive is strong enough to ensure that your product won't come off and can't be pulled off by strangers.

Are our products safe to remove?

By following the removal instructions on our products packaging/website, our products can be removed safely and won't leave any damage on your vehicle or anything else you have applied it to.

What are our products made from?

Our 3D Badges are made from a unique metalised plastic which gives it a metal look but allows it the flexability to mould onto any vehicle. Our Logo/Character Decals are made from our very own Lenscal Technology giving them a domed look and feel.

Are we an authorised AFL Supplier?

Yes we have an Official AFL Licence which allows us to create and Sell AFL 3D Car Badges and Decals.

Can our products be be easily stolen once applied?

Our automotive approved adhesive is extremely strong, therefore once our products are applied, they're very difficult to remove unless the proper methods are followed.