Poison Ivy Character Fan Emblem

Poison Ivy Character Fan Emblem

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She's poison alright, but who can resist her as a classic Poison Ivy Character Fan Emblem.

If you want your favourite DC villain looking dangerous on an Australian made automotive quality lensed self adhesive emblem that's ultra transparent and super flexible, then you're truly in luck. This Poison Ivy Fan Emblem will stick to most smooth surfaces indoor and outdoor, and even to curved surfaces. In a stroke of pheromonal genius, a thick layer of crystal clear, auto quality Lenscal protects your Poison Ivy Fan Emblem from UV for years of eye popping colour and seductive eco terrorism.

Declare your allegiance pictorially and get one (or two) of these irresistible emblems for your ongoing visual awe.

SIZE: 183mm x 134mm (Height x Width)

Ideal for quarter glass car windows, bedroom windows, doors and walls, etc.