Reverse Flash Logo Fan Emblem

Reverse Flash Logo Fan Emblem

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'For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction. And with every step the Flash takes toward the future, someone from the future is racing backward through time to stop him - the villainous speedster known as the Reverse-Flash.' DC Comics


This is a genuine chrome auto emblem.

  • Auto quality
  • Genuine auto chrome substrate
  • Super flexible
  • Crystal clear, auto quality lens coating
  • Self adhesive
  • Australian made

We made The Flash Logo Fan Emblem so there had to be a Reverse Flash Logo Fan Emblem. It's genuine auto quality on a proper auto chrome substrate. It's also super flexible and sticks fast to most smooth surfaces indoor and outdoor, even to very curved surfaces. A thick layer of ultra transparent, auto quality Lenscal protects your Reverse Flash Fan Emblem from UV for years of light fast, eye popping colour.

SIZE: 107.5mm x 75mm (Height x Width)